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Conference 2021

Host: Missouri State University -- West Plains

8:15-8:30 Introduction & Welcome

Dr. Mara Cohen Ioannides, OSA President

Representative from MSU-West Plains


8:45-9:45: Ozarks Waterways

Kincaid and Mirza: “Utilizing Next-Generation Sequencing for Bacterial Source Tracking And Pathogen Detection In Greene And Polk County Streams”

Finn: “Surface/subsurface connectivity promotes high diversity in a flashy Ozark stream”

Peters: “Dawn of the Dam: Powersite Dam and Lake Taneycomo at the Dawn of Large Dams and Reservoirs in the Ozarks”

Panel Chair: Dr. Robert T. Pavlowsky, MSU


10:00-11:10: Ozarks Ecology

Robbins: “Reforestion in the Ozarks: The Potential to Reduce and Sequester Carbon Dioxide”

Wait and Hall: “Ozark oak/hickory woodlands as a “natural environment”: management to maximize ecological function for generations”

Bartelt et al. (who is actually presenting): “Wild Grapevines of the Ozarks: Genetic Resources for Sustainable Grape Cultivation”


11:20-12:15: Ozarks Economy

Sobel and Worman: “The Industrial Ozarks: environmental and socioeconomic impacts of quarrying and lime production in northwest Greene County, Missouri, ca 1880-1930”

Bell: “Homemade Home Scrapbooks: The Idea of Modern Farm Homes and the Arkansas Ozarks, 1934-1944” 

12:30-1:45: Lunch

Keynote Address: “Judge Hay and the 100 Percenters: The Untold Story of the Ozarks Origins of the Grand Ole Oprey”

Dr. Brooks Blevins, Noel Boyd Professor of History, MSU


2:00-2:45: Ozarks Music & Literature

English: “Writing the Ecology of the Ozarks”

Albin: “In the Mist: Seeing the Ozarks in Bonnie Stepenoff’s Big Spring Autumn” 

Nutt: “Healing in the Ozarks: How Ozarkers Use Home Remedies and Other Medicines to Treat Illnesses”

Panel Chair: Dr. Leigh Adams, MSU-West Plains

3:00-4:15: Ozarks History

Cohen Ioannides: “A River Runs Through It: The expansion of Jews into the Ozarks” 

Jones: “hia digadusi hinega:  The History of Welling, Oklahoma, 1828-1945 (Cherokee Translation is “The Hills Speak”)”

Panel Chair: Dr. Jason McCollum, MSU-West Plains

4:30-4:45 Dismissal and Call for OSA 2022

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